Frenchman, Christophe Renaiteau

CAR to try French terror mastermind in absentia

from OMAN MBIKO in Bangui, Central African Republic BANGUI – AUTHORITIES in the Central African Republic (CAR) will try in absenstia the Frenchman, Christophe Renaiteau, arrested in Madagascar and deported following an existing judicial cooperation agreement between France and…

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AUC Commisionner for Peace and Security, Smail Chergui

Russia-brokered truce takes effect in CAR

from OMAN MBIKO in Bangui, Central African Republic BANGUI – A LONG-AWAITED peace agreement, brokered by Russia, between the government of the Central African Republic (CAR) and 14 armed groups, has at last taken effect after the final signatories…

Central African Republic rebels sign peace deal 1

BREAKING: Peace dawns on CAR after historic deal

from RAJI BASHIR in Khartoum, Sudan KHARTOUM – THERE is a high level optimism for lasting peace in the Central African Republic (CAR) after the government signed a deal with 14 rebel groups following a fortnight of talks held in neighbouring…

Zimbabwe vice president Contstantino Chiwenga and wife Mary, photo ZimLive

Zimbabwean leaders slammed for SA medical tourism

by SAVIOUS KWINIKA JOHANNESBURG – ZIMBABWE’S ruling elite has come under criticism for seeking medical treatment in neighboring South Africa while leaving the majority exposed to death at ill-equipped hospitals back home. This follows Vice President, Constantino Chiwenga, and…