Russia, Central African Republic (CAR) flags

CAR, Russia solidify bilateral relations

from OMAN MBIKO in Bangui, Central African Republic BANGUI – THE Central African Republic (CAR) has cemented bilateral relations with Russia after the Eurasian country brokered a deal that brought reconciliation in the African nation. Russia brokered the signing of the…

Xenophobia force women and children into the streets without food, shelter or healthcare

EXCLUSIVE: African nationals threaten retaliation to SA xenophobic attacks

CHINEDU OKORO (Nigeria), ADANE BIKILA (Ethiopia), MARIA MACHARIA (Kenya) and AKANI CHAUKE (South Africa)  Africa Bureaus BUREAUS – AFRICAN nationals have proposed radical measures in reaction to the recurring xenophobic violence in South Africa. In addition to calls to boycotting South African businesses operating…