Forgiveness rests with God, not church leaders

True Gospel with SAVIOUS-PARKER KWINIKA WHEN I was still young in the Gospel, I used to think only churches and their leaders, including bishops, priests, evangelists, prophets and pastors had the monopoly to facilitate forgiveness for…

US - China trade war

Downgrades, US-China impasse hammer SA’s Rand

by SAVIOUS KWINIKA  JOHANNESBURG – SOUTH Africa’s volatile Rand currency is bearing the brunt of escalating trade tensions between China and the United States as well as possibilities of agencies downgrading the country’s sovereign rating. This depreciation spells…

Nigeria , South Africa intensify economic co-operation

Business builds bridges between Nigeria, South Africa

by MTHULISI SIBANDA  JOHANNESBURG – SOUTH Africa and Nigeria – the continent’s biggest economies and sometimes bitter enemies – have an opportunity to build a vital relationship to the benefit of both countries. This follows the hosting…