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Deserted entertainment centre in the Johannesburg. Photo by Savious Kwinika, CAJ News Agency.

COVID-19: Sex workers to flee South Africa

by SAVIOUS KWINIKA  PRETORIA – COMMERCIAL sex workers in South Africa are considering returning to their native countries following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s declaration of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as a national disaster over the weekend. At the…

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Kaspersky Chief Executive Officer, Eugene Kaspersky

Churches also not spared terror by cyber criminals

from DION HENRICK in Cape Town CAPE TOWN – SOUTH African ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly targeted and sophisticated as public or community entities such as libraries and religious centres are now also falling victims. These and non-profitable organisations…

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Global issues, local concerns pummel SA economy

by AKANI CHAUKE  JOHANNESBURG – ANALYSTS have forecast a further recession of the South African economy because of load shedding, the raging coronavirus (COVID-19) and government plans to trim the public servants’ wage bill. The bleak projections come…